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Where this weeks topic is video games.


JfG Podcast Ep.213 – Play What You Want

Well you can play what you want but it won’t change my mind I’ll feel the same, about you. And you can tell me your reasons but it won’t change my feelings I’ll feel the same, about you.Texas.


JfG Podcast Ep.212 – That Word

This week’s show is named after a word that Ash invented at the beginning of the episode which we thought was really good, but by the end of the show we had forgotten it.Remaining stoic in our mission to be as half-arsed as possible, rather than simply playing back the recording to find out what […]


JfG Podcast Ep.211 – Shoe Town

Every time you’re skipping down the streetThink about the shoes upon your feet, todayIt’s a magic world when your toes uncurl Sh-sh-sh-shoe peopleSh-sh-sh-shoe peopleSh-sh-sh-shoe people Sh-sh-sh-shoe peopleSh-sh-sh-shoe peopleSh-sh-sh-shoe people What’ve you got between you and the groundWhen you want to dance of simply run aroundThere’s some friends down there to take you everywhere Sh-sh-sh-shoe peopleSh-sh-sh-shoe […]


JfG Podcast Ep.210 – Newcastle

Oh well isn’t that nice, just you and your good friends at the JfG Podcast, having a bath. This week there’s a lot of talk about the city of Newcastle, where there are many things to see and many drinks to drink. Elsewhere, Ash discovers a collection of rotting wood, quite the boon and a […]


JfG Podcast Ep.209 – 4-3

Oh look a podcast with Ash and sick note! This week, we watch the football and definitely aren’t more interested in that than the actual show we’re doing. Elsewhere, Ash has been once again playing recent games, and Alex has not. Also, that’s out this week week, and finally, thoughts from the funk and a […]

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