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Where this weeks topic is video games.


JfG Podcast Ep.251 – On Holiday

On holiday so got to get back to the paddling pool. Enjoy this week’s podcast.


JfG Podcast Ep.250 – Comment Below

So it’s nice and hot and we are stuck inside, the best time to drink and do a podcast. We get tucked into some old games like the greatest puzzle game ever Portal 2, Alex has found an old Far Cry game in his sofa and we have both won the game of buying games. […]


JfG Podcast Ep.249 – Lies

Number 249, the most important number or so I’ve been told. Ash has been jacking it all weekend in the garden whereas Alex has been working from his bedroom again. Gears Tactics continues to feature but we’re not sure for how much longer, Far Cry 5 gets a bashing again but for some reason, we […]


JfG Podcast Ep.248 – A Carousel Of Genitals

The lockdown continues so obviously we win the game of buying games with Far Cry 5 as Alex can’t get enough of open-world games at the moment for some reason? Gamepass comes into its element with additions of Streets of Rage 4, Moving Out, and Gears Tactics with we’ve played them all. Finally, we get […]


JfG Podcast Ep.247 – Ghost Of Tut Shima

This week’s podcast has a special guest for about a minute and he tells us all about Fortnite’s latest event, luckily we’re too old to know who the event guy is. Ash continues to play a kid’s game and now it seems he is learning to make levels within it thanks to one of our […]

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