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Where this weeks topic is video games.


JfG Podcast Ep.220 – Science and Technology

Another week another podcast. Game pass takes center stage as Ash tries to solve a terorist attack and Alex plays Perfect Dark. We win the game of buying games with Crash Team Racing. Konami are in the news and we compare Formula 1 to vacuuming.


JfG Podcast Ep.219 – The Old Colossus

In this here episode we look to the near future for excitement with a list of all the games we are going to buy this year and its quite a list. Alex doesn’t play an 8 year old game but Ash does. Nintendo are a bit of a joke to be honest as they continue […]


JfG Podcast Ep.218 – Pimping in the Grotto

Soul Train! How can you not like it. We go karting and win the world cup. There’s a new F1 out and someone couldn’t wait and the other thinks God of War is the best single player game EVER!!!So there…


JfG Podcast Ep.217 – Brian’s iPhone

Oh looky here, we’re back with a bang this week, as Alex returns from his weird Welsh holishlay in which he flew over a quarry and lugged his fat arse up a mountain, complaining all the way, and Ash buys beer birthing equipment and RAM for a computer he doesn’t have yet.Elsewhere, you’ll be pleased […]


JfG Podcast Ep.216 – I Can Be Your Helmsman

It’s E3 buddies, and despite the fact that Sony, EA and Nintendo don’t fancy rocking up at a giant arena in Los Angeles for basically no reason because the internet, we’re still ULTRA SUPER PUMPED. Prepare for a (lengthy) rundown of all the things we thought were interesting, good, or terrible at this year’s E3!

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