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Where this weeks topic is video games.


JfG Podcast Ep.260 – At Least I’m Not In Margate

We finally get some information about one of Microsoft’s next gen consoles and it’s looking good as some sort of ultimate game pass machine. Ash has played The Last Campfire and fails to described what it’s like. Not much else buddies.


JfG Podcast Ep.259 – MoH 1000G

After another Summer break we’re here to talk about games games games. It’s the same old thing, have a chat, talk about games and then complain about the games’ industry. It’s good to get back in the seat again buddies.


JfG Podcast Ep.258 – Major Meltdown

After a couple of weeks off, we are back and we’ve been playing two games a fair bit. We talk about Ghost of Tsushima and how lovely that game is and the awesomeness that is F1 2020 career mode thing. There’s other stuff too.


JfG Podcast Ep.257 – F1 2020 Review

Racing, conspiracies and other shit. That’s it this week but mainly racing as we both have been tucking into F1 2020 as the title suggests. Sorry if it’s not your bag but we seem to like it a lot. Let us know about you conspiracies in the discord. The Truth Is Out There?


JfG Podcast Ep.256 – STi Boy And The Cripple

After a week off due to health reasons we are back and don’t have a lot to talk about. Ash gives his two cents about the last of us part 2 and Alex has completed a little puzzler on game pass. F1 is back, which excites us and is the perfect time for the release […]

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