January 2020


JfG Podcast Ep.238 – Street Beat Edition

It’s all about you guys this week, well most of it. We talk about The Witcher 3 in 2020 and why it’s still a cracker of a game, Alex continues his venture into Game Pass and we both have a stab at Plague Tale: Innocence. Then it’s about you, we have the Funk going hunting, […]


JfG Podcast Ep.237 – Another One

It’s another one and in this one, we look to the near future of gaming discussing the year ahead with talk of Cyberpunk, The Last Of Us 2, 12 minutes and Doom Eternal. Alex gets his hunting boots on with the Funk and also plays one of his top games of the last decade. PS5 […]


JfG Podcast Ep.236 – Game of the Year 2019

It’s a bit late but it’s time for the game of the year show. We discuss in super-duper in-depth detail the games and lack thereof that has come out this year. We also delve deeper and further back and look at the most influential games of the decade which in hindsight is hard than it […]