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JfG Podcast Ep.234 – What’s It All About

Much like this week’s podcast, this is a bit slapdash. Listen and Enjoy buddies.


JfG Podcast Ep.162 – Who Cares

Friday podcast away! This week we’re at a bit of a loss, because the weather in England has been really good, leading to dangerous extended periods of outside-ness completely ruining any possibility of playing very many video games. Ash has been tucking into Jimmy Warmind PHD at least, though a more impressive feat is his […]


JfG Podcast Ep.135 – The Tri-Wizard Cup

Oh look, it’s our podcast for your earish consumption! And you lucky folk look, Ash is back from his Holishlay. This week he regails us with tales of the Cotswolds, Potter Studios and his ear. Elsewhere Alex has done exciting things like buying an extension lead and having his windscreen replaced. We have masses of […]