JfG Podcast Ep.232 – Cannonball Bowling

Cause baby you’re a firework, come and show ’em what’s in your pants or something like that… This week we’ve seen firework thanks to Guy Fawkes and his failed plot. We play the same games as last week’s bar one and that one isn’t that great. Death Stranding is finding a path to its way […]


JfG Podcast Ep.230 – In The US

He’s back from the states and full of joy and news of his latest adventure which features. A gaping arsehole, playing the drums, asking a special question and playing a bat and ball game. Which means we’re back together and as sarcastic as always with our overwhelming morbid outlook on the video games industry. We […]


JfG Podcast Ep.223 – Sickly Girl and The Pup

Not much time so….. Here’s the podcast. Things in it. Mel Gibson and his soul. Mario Maker 2 and games Alex has played. There’s a news section and an end. Peace out.