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JfG Podcast Ep.232 – Cannonball Bowling

Cause baby you’re a firework, come and show ’em what’s in your pants or something like that… This week we’ve seen firework thanks to Guy Fawkes and his failed plot. We play the same games as last week’s bar one and that one isn’t that great. Death Stranding is finding a path to its way […]


JfG Podcast Ep.055 – The Rezzed Edition

In the 55th episode of the JfG Podcast, Ash remains in full garden mode, and has been having a lovely time with both Dirt Rally and Trackmania Turbo. Alex has been to EGX Rezzed, and the pair discuss the experiences he had with Playstation VR. Alex also talks about lots of games he saw at […]


JfG Podcast Ep.047 – The Difference Between Doki and Dookie

In the first ice-less podcast, Ash has yet to enter babbytown, and is therefore still with us. He also has his new Logitech racing wheel, and has been getting stuck into a lorryload of Project Cars. We have a quick (spoiler free) talk about Firewatch, and will likely be doing a spoilercast in the near […]