JfG Podcast Ep.205 – My Little Sh*t Heap

Oh well looky here, if it isn’t a podcast arriving just in time for this week’s releases and gaming news! This week, Alex is in love with his rubbish little Xbox One S and all it’s gamepass glory, Ash does the show a service by actually playing new releases and talking about them, and finally, […]


JfG Podcast Ep.202 – The Cake Is A Lie

As if by magic, a podcast appears to help you through your presumably horrible daily commute. Listen as we talk about video games, drinking, and playing video games whilst drinking.There’s talk of big new games because that’s something one of us is still interested in thankfully. There’s also talk of not big games because of […]


JfG Podcast EP.201 – Size Of Your Middle Finger

Following on from the mighty shenanigans of our 200th show, normality is restored as we make very little effort, talk a load of nonsense, and drink a spot of beer.Whilst the topic and theme is video games, the most hard-hitting takeaway from this episode is the continued downsizing of our nation’s chocolate bars. Absolute disgrace […]


JfG Podcast Ep.196 – It’s A Real Strong Package

It’s the first proper show of 2019 friends, and we’ve many cherky items on display for you. This includes but isn’t limited to; talk of streaming, graphics cards, the proper way to prepare pork, football matches, celeste, hitman and general intricate murder, didgeridoos, divine roleplaying, epiphanies, loot crate fiascos, Brew Dog, and walking in the […]


JfG Podcast Ep.195 – Game Of The Year 2018

It’s time! Marvel and delight in our random pointless lists, as we count down our favourite games from 2018, our favourite games we played in 2018 that didn’t come out in 2018, and finally, a cheeky list of all the stuff we’re most looking forward to in this new year supposedly called 2019. Thanks for […]