JfG Alex

PSN : MisterAlexHead

Alex is the front man of the show, he calls it as he sees it. He's a straight shooter and can not be bought.

JfG Ash

PSN : Champ_McBeard

Ash is like the icing on the cake, the night before christmas, the shit before shovel rolled into one.

Ash and Alex have been good friends for 15 years, and have spent countless hours playing and debating video games together.

At the tender age of 30, they decided they’d had enough of reading and listening to people talk/write about their main passion in life, and like every other opinionated person out there, hit the internet hard to show the world what they really thought about games.

Starting off as Justice for Games, the two began to write short reviews and articles about various games and issues within the industry. Due to busy lives and heavy workloads the two could not keep up with the “high” demand of content and realised that they could not compete with constantly updated websites and daily content creators. They realised their main skill was to talk crap about video games for hours on end. So that is what they did.

Thus The JfG Podcast was born, a dedicated weekly podcast for gamers by gamers which would cover news topics, quizzes, Q and A (Street Beat), a range of games and an insight into their lives (and how average they were).

So here we are, years later still going. We hope that you enjoy our show and if you would like to get in contact with us head over to the Street Beat section and drop us an email in the Contact section.


Jfg Ash & JfG Alex